Naps and Other Creativity Boosters for Dreaming Up Million-Dollar Ideas

By Holly Eagleson for Lemondrop

What do the Snuggie, the Pasta Bread Bowl and the Slap Chop have in common? They're all ridiculously simple concepts you could have come up with. And they're all going to make someone else a stupid amount of money. To make sure you never have a "wish I'd thought of that" moment again, use these creativity-boosting tips.

1. Break a sweat

A recent study found that aerobic workouts have a significant impact your ability to think creatively -- for as much as two hours after you stop moving. The connection between lifting weights and genius isn't quite as clear (just look at the missing links hefting iron at your gym).

2. Act immature

We're not saying drink syrup in public. (That's something you do in private.) But just taking a minute to look back at your old elementary school diary jogs your memory back to a time when no crazy idea was a bad one.

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