Worst Employees of 2008



Everyone always thinks they have it worse than the next guy. Your boss is always the nastiest; your co-workers are the most annoying; and there's no way anyone has a more awful cube mate. Until now. The sad truth is that there's nothing like learning about other people's troubles to make you feel better about your own. Just when you thought you had it bad, someone else comes along to make your problems seem irrelevant. The terrible employees from CareerBuilder.com's second annual list, "Worst Employees of the Year," are no exception. Last year's employees stole, cheated, scammed and assaulted; lied, got arrested, used illegal drugs and committed lewd acts. The qualifiers from 2008 showed more of the same. In no particular order, here are 10 of 2008's worst employees and the extreme things they did. (They will make your crazy co-workers seem like angels.)