Value test: McDonald's Angus burger vs. BK Steakhouse burger

McDonald'sMcDonald's has launched a new line of Angus steak sandwiches which it hopes will strike the American public as a real value. This begs the question, what is value? And how well does McDonald's hit its mark?

Luckily, I live in an area where the Angus Burger has been test marketed, so I've had a chance to try them a few times. Here's the deal: McDonald's Angus Burger: 590 calories; beef patty, bun, American cheese, tomato, mayo dressing, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard. $3.99 in my area.

By comparison, a Quarter Pounder with cheese (a Royale with cheese in Europe) has 510 calories, a Big Mac 540.

Value can only be determined in comparison, so I've stacked up against the Burger King Steakhouse Burger,950 calories; beef patty, cheese, tomato, onions, lettuce, A.1. Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce, mayo -- $4.69 in my area.

To a manual laborer who burns every calorie he consumes, the latter might be a better value, at $.004 per calorie, vs. the Angus Burger, $.007. However, for overly-buoyant Americans, fewer calories might make the Angus Burger a better value, as it would add less to our waistlines.

For me, it comes down to flavor. The price difference is not great. The Angus Burger, in my opinion, has a real steak flavor, a pleasant consistency that is less mealy than a burger but not full of chunks of gristle. I order mine naked, bun only, and the flavor is well worth the money.

The Burger King product shares the same shortfalls I find with all its burger products; the smoke flavor is too pronounced. The meat itself I find has an over-processed texture. Ordered as offered, the sandwich, like the Whopper, is overdosed with mayo.

For me, value is on the tongue of the beholder. In my opinion, McDonald's new sandwich gives me a lot for my money.
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