Recession Dressin' with Holly Getty: investment shopping

Once again, Walletpop's personal style expert, Holly Getty, tells you to go shopping, wisely:

"Are you still shopping at the same stores you did a year ago? Still wearing the same designers? Well, it's time to upgrade.

"Stores are dropping prices so quickly, they practically hit your feet. Now is the time to shop the designers and stores you have always wanted to shop.

"You see, there are two type of shoppers at this moment in time. One is in fear mode: Purchasing more of what they have in their wardrobes, buying larger quantities, not seeing what's around them.
"The other sees only opportunity: Every level of shopping is open to them if they choose. Everything is a possibility right now. Designer prices, while still high, are within reach.

"Invest in a quality designer piece while you still can. When the economic dust clears and sales are few and far between, you will wish you upgraded when you had the chance.

"And remember, as we discussed last week, look at the original price. If you would pay the original price, buy it on sale. Otherwise, leave it in the store!"

Holly Getty is known for helping individuals liberate their personal style and create a signature look that allows them to feel good in any situation while working within their budget.
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