Paypal wants you to Do Stuff For Money

Sometimes when you need to get something done, asking just won't cut it. As a company that moves around plenty of money, Paypal may know this better than anyone ... which is possibly why it launched a new service called Do Stuff For Money.

Its premise is simple: Post an offer to a friend to do something, in exchange for money, which you'll then presumably pay with Paypal.

Making an offer is easy enough: simply enter your name and the friend you want to do your bidding, as well as the task at hand, and you're good to go. You can email your generous offer direct to your friend, or send it via Facebook, where it's posted on your wall, and makes the offer a little more public.

Right now most of the offers are for nonsensical tasks like singing a song in Spanish to someone, or dancing on top of your chair at work. But the notion does have more practical applications. Think how quickly you could get yard work done this fall, or how easy it would be to get help moving to a new apartment, making an offer through Do Stuff For Money.

Paypal isn't just trying to help you cross off everything on your honey-do list; as Mashable points out, if enough people make use of the service and pay their friends, Paypal will net a handsome profit for brokering the deal. Don't forget, your friends may find that whatever you offered to pay came up a little bit short after Paypal takes its cut.

While you can just as easily email your friends or send a request for help (along with payment information) on Facebook or Twitter, Do Stuff For Money makes the whole process feel a little bit more fun. If Paypal would let you post offers to others in your area or to your friends list as a whole the service would be even more useful and could even compete with Craigslist's random jobs section.
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