Affordable home security, the new D.I.Y.


Okay, I know some might think this post belongs in the paranoia files, but home security is practical. More importantly, it's increasingly affordable, as companies offer do-it-yourself kits.

So what's a couple hundred dollars to protect your home and catch bad-guys? If you're not convinced, watch this incredible video captured by a Ft. Lauderdale woman who, while at work, caught young men breaking into her home via a live security-video-feed. It's a classic cops and robbers scene, and a perfect example that these handy-home cams aren't just for nanny-stalkers.

The Classic: The Teddy-Bear Nanny Cam
This cuddly, little fluff-filled creature isn't just for busting lazy babysitters anymore. Position these little cuties near doors and windows to get the best footage of crooks. It's obviously not so much a deterrent, but it can help bring criminals to justice and, like the Ft. Lauderdale example, you may be able to nab unwanted visitors in time.
Price: $199 from SpyAssociates