Top 10 Gags to Play at Work

Want to get the office jokester, your work pal or the boss with a good prank? If you want to play an April Fools' joke at work this year, the usual shenanigans -- yucky snacks, missing chairs and fake lottery tickets -- are for amateurs.

Live fish in the water cooler, a drawer full of Jell-o, and a cubicle wrapped in aluminum foil are just some of the April Fools' Day hijinks 30 percent of workers reported they had played or fallen victim to in's "April Fools' Day 2005" survey.

Turns out, employees are getting sneakier and more creative when it comes to playing pranks on the job. If you want to one-up somebody, try one of these clever tricks workers have used to punk their colleagues. But remember, keep the fun in good taste and be sensitive to others' feelings -- you are still on the job.

1. Go to lunch with a group. Just before the bill comes, everyone in on the joke leaves the table ("go to the bathroom," "take a call," or "go outside to smoke") and sneaks out. The person left behind has to pay for the bill.

2. Convince the security office to deactivate a co-worker's access card.

3. Remove all the supplies from the breakroom -- toaster, coffee pots, forks, soap. Everything!

4. Tell the "new guy" it's his turn to provide the monthly breakfast or lunch.

5. Tell someone the boss wants to see her immediately. Don't give any explanation.

6. Trade offices with a colleague and confuse your co-workers all day.

7. If you work in a dentist's or doctor's office, put all your worst and most difficult patients on the day's schedule for the entire staff to see.

8. Coat someone's earpiece with red lipstick. Call and hang up several times to get the ear nice and red. Use a cell phone if your office has Caller I.D.

9. Put a "for sale" sign on your boss's car -- include their office phone number and a really cheap price.

10. If you work on commission, tell someone a co-worker just stole a huge sale she was working on with an important client.

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