Open House: Entryway Inspirations

Shoes, bills, umbrellas, bills - foyers don't stand a chance.

But the first moments in and out of the house deserve better than that. Here's some design inspiration for your comings and goings.

Multifunctional and Minimal
Able + Baker's maple storage bench doubles as a place to put on shoes before heading out the door. Later it could come in handy as an entertainment center. Or throw pillows on top for a warmer welcome.

Vintage Flair
Tuck invites into an ornate frame for instant foyer fabulousness. If your table doesn't offer storage, the big, covered basket serves as a perfect catchall for out of season scarves and hats.

Mod Pop
When closet space is tight, a colorful Eames coat rack is a practical way to brighten a hallway. Add a simple sideboard for storage and for last-minute primping, prop a mirror nearby.

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