Media World: 'The Price is Right,' my capitalist fantasy


Ever since I was a kid, my favorite dream that didn't involve Farrah Fawcett in a red bathing suit had me running down the aisle of a TV studio, screaming like a banshee after hearing an announcer bellow "Jonathan Berr, come on down! You're the next contestant on 'The Price is Right!'"

Now, my fantasy may become reality. The classic 37-year-old game show recently held a contestant search in the Philadelphia area. Because the event was poorly publicized and was staged at a car dealership 30 minutes from my house, I decided to take a shot at game-show stardom. But I knew I couldn't be the only person who daydreams of the Big Wheel and the Showcase Showdown. It was important to stand out from my fellow contestants; wardrobe, I decided, would be key.