Fill up -- and get fat -- for $3.99 or less


Citysearch has a Web site,, that is a great way to find quick bites to eat for $3.99 or less while out on the town.

Users submit the cheap eats they've come across at 19 major cities, and then some, across America.

It's easy enough to use and I can see the advantage of it when out looking for a quick place nearby to grab something for lunch or happy hour.

Most of the food is fast food that must be high in fat, calories and everything else that is bad for your heart. Take a look at some of the cheap food that users recommend: $3.75 for a cheesy sloppy jo in Illinois, chocolate-covered bacon for $1 in New York, crispy garlic ribs for $3.99 in California, and a $2.50 beef and egg taco in Portland.