Credit card companies have until 2010 to stop ripping you off

When President Obama signed the credit card bill in May, there was one stipulation included for the benefit of the credit card companies: The changes go into effect in the middle of 2010.

That means, as Suze Orman has pointed out, that the credit card companies have an entire year to have their way with you. And nobody will hear you scream.

And look, here they are now, approaching consumers with a long to-do list of wrong that would make former Pastor Ted Haggard blush.

The USA Today reports
that "Most issuers have raised rates or fees for certain borrowers. In the latest round, Bank of America and Chase have increased, or are increasing, their maximum balance-transfer fees, from 3% to 4% and 5%, respectively. Chase is also expanding the definition of who could get hit with a penalty interest rate. Meanwhile, InfiBank is establishing a higher minimum APR -- the greater of 15.99% or 11.99% plus the prime rate -- on many cards. And Capital One and Citigroup continue to raise card rates for certain borrowers."

So fasten your seatbelts, folks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride for a while more yet.

But I'm with Suze on this one. You can't totally blame the credit card companies. They're just doing their job, which happens to be screwing you. Blame your elected officials -- and yourselves -- however, for letting it happen.
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