10 Globetrotting Jobs

Some people just weren't cut out for office work. There are those who were born to live on beaches, work in different cities every day and collaborate with people from around the world. The good news for these folks is that in today's working world, they can.

While finding a job that requires a little travel can be easy, discovering jobs that require constant travel might be easier. As many companies today expand nationally and internationally, the need for those willing to travel for certain positions is increasing.

The following 10 jobs will allow you to get your feet wet all over the world.

1. Travel Nurse

Travel nurses take short-term positions all over the country at hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities that experience nurse shortages. The positions usually span three months to one year, and the employer will usually supply housing.

Requirements: Each state has its own requirements for licensing nurses. But they all issue temporary licenses that, in some states, are valid for up to a year.

Average salary: Nursing salaries vary by experience, location and specialty, but the average is $24-$35 per hour, plus housing subsidy.

2. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants perform numerous services to passengers to guarantee safety and comfort during flights. Their duties include (but are not limited to) greeting passengers, verifying tickets, explaining safety equipment and emergency procedures, and serving meals and beverages.

Requirements: A combination of one to three months of directly related training and/or experience.

Average salary: $46,454

3. Meeting Event Planner

Meeting event planners arrange and coordinate all details of meetings and conventions for non-profit organizations, corporations, hotels and similar associations. They travel regularly to attend meetings and visit potential meeting sites.

Requirements: Most employers prefer event planners to have a bachelor's degree, though it's not required.

Average salary: $39,620

4. Wine Buyer

Wine buyers visit wineries and vineyards around the world to select wines for wholesalers to purchase by testing, examining and observing the product. They discuss flawed or unacceptable goods or services with inspection or quality control personnel, users and vendors conclude a source of trouble and take corrective action, among other responsibilities.

Requirements: Typically, a four-year degree in business/purchasing.

Average salary: $54,486

5. Photojournalist

Photojournalists, or news photographers, photograph newsworthy events, locations and people for material use in publications. They frequently travel locally, stay overnight on assignments, or travel to distant places for long periods to assigned locations and take pictures.

Requirements: A combination of over two years of directly related training and/or experience.

Average salary: $42,590

6. Sales Representative

Sales reps are responsible for making a product desirable to wholesale and retail buyers. They typically travel to and visit with prospective clients and current buyers; they visit trade shows and conferences or spend time meeting with and entertaining clients during evenings and weekends.

Requirements: Many employers hire individuals with previous sales experience who lack a college degree, but they increasingly prefer or require a bachelor's degree. Most employers offer training specific to the products you sell.

Average salary: $58,580, including commissions.

7. Long-Distance Freight Truck Driver

Long-distance truckers use vehicles like trucks or trailers to transport and deliver commodities to establishments in the United States, Mexico or Canada.

Requirements: Many jobs accept only a high school education. There are also minimum qualifications for truck drivers involved in interstate commerce, such as good driving records, good sight and hearing and the ability to read.

Average salary: $43,003

8. Celebrity Nanny

Nannies are responsible for the general well-being of their charges. They care for the kids in private homes, travel with families on vacation and (in the case of being a celebrity nanny), accompany the family while the parents are working on location.

Requirements: Dependent on your clients and their families.

Average salary: $24,310 is the national average, but this will vary depending on your responsibilities, hours worked and of course, who you work for.

9. Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers address large or small audiences at events, workshops and seminars all over the world. The amount of travel varies depending on the topics they speak on.

Requirements: Does not require formal training or education, but most speakers should be able to engage and captivate an audience without boring or offending them.

Average salary: They usually charge a fee based on their expertise, experience and star power, which varies greatly. The national average annual salary is $22,926.

10. Promotional Marketer

Promotional marketers host and attend events such as tours, concerts, fairs and festivals to promote their products. They often have prizes and giveaways.

Requirements: Some employers prefer a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Internships are also recommended.

Average salary: $52,657

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