Lost wallet returned after 63 years


In 1946, Bill Fulton, of Baker City, Oregon, without knowing it, dropped his wallet behind the bleachers in his middle school gym. Sixty-three years later, that wallet, with its leather cowboy design and Fulton's original Social Security card still inside, has been returned to him, the AP reports.

The contents have been untouched since the end of World War II, holding, along with the SS card, Fulton's bike license, which he carried as a delivery boy for a pharmacy. Melanie Trindle, the secretary for Baker Middle School, said the wallet was found by a worker removing the school's bleachers in a renovation. When she brought it to Fulton's door, Trindle said, "He was pretty much amazed. He just kept saying, 'Thank you. Thank you so much.' "

Fulton, now 78, says the wallet probably got dropped behind the bleachers while he was cheering on a basketball game with his friends. Seeing it again has made him reflect back on his life, which has taken him to the Korean War and Berlin and back to Oregon. "Where did all the time go?" he asks. "It's hard to believe that the times have gone so fast."