Stevie Wonder grieves Michael Jackson -- on my dime


Stevie Wonder

is grieving Michael Jackson. This was very clear at the Summerfest Concert on Sunday night, when he opened the gig with a rambling speech about MJ and honoring him for his gifts to music.

OK, I have no problem with that. I loved Michael, especially his dance moves. He was probably the best dancer to ever grace a stage.

But the concert seemed slow in getting going. Then Stevie piped in a Michael Jackson song and began to cry on stage. His tears turned to sobs and then his head collapsed in his arms over his piano.

Neither I or the audience had a clue what was happening. Did he faint? Have a stroke? His daughter walked over and said a few words in his ear while she comforted him. He slowly regained composure and went on to the next song.

I understand that Stevie and MJ were close friends. I get it. But I paid a lot of money for that ticket, $69, and it wasn't to do therapy for Stevie. He said later in the concert that "I'm not afraid to show my heart." Fine, but does it have to be on my dime?