Michael Jackson names his mother as children's guardian in will


Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother and the court-ordered temporary guardian of his children, was named in a will seven years ago as guardian of Jackson's children, Prince Micheal I, Paris Michael, and Prince Michael II, the LA Times is reporting. Jackson's parents had been seeking control of his assets and his children since his death. This document gives Katherine, who is 79, the children and puts the assets in a trust, but fails to name her as executor or give her any control over the finances, as she has sought.

Instead, the July 2002 will names John Branca, Jackson's entertainment attorney, and John McClain, a music executive, as executors. Katherine Jackson is said to have a contentious relationship with Branca. According to the LA Times, Jackson's "attorneys appeared to take a swipe at Branca," stating in the court papers filed to seek control of her son's assets, "A possible competing interest is a purported claim of an attorney who long ago was dismissed from the decedent's group of advisers and about whom the decedent stated that he never wanted the attorney to have anything further to do with his affairs."