States give workers 'right' to attend school-related events


With Democrats now in control at the state level in an increasing number of regions, fears of government intrusion into the workplace seem to be coming to fruition.

The Wall Street Journalreports (subscription required) that "New and strengthened Democratic majorities in many state legislatures are pushing measures that require businesses to grant employees additional time off for personal or family reasons."

The governors of Colorado and Nevada recently signed laws giving employees a "right" to unpaid leave to attend school-related events.

It's not that I disagree with the notion of unpaid leave to attend piano recitals and water polo matches but come on: Do we really need the government to be mandating this stuff? If I want to work at a job without the benefit of time off for chess tournaments, and the employer prefers someone who offers that flexibility, why is that bad?

There's nothing to stop employees from demanding unpaid time off for school activities. Many have already negotiated for this with their employers. But it's hard to see the need for a government role in this not very important issue.