Madoff victims unlikely to be satisfied with sentence Monday


When Bernie Madoff is sentenced on Monday for his $65 billion Ponzi scheme, investors may get some sense of vindication. But they will unlikely remain satisfied as they continue to struggle to put their lives back together. You can be almost certain the request by his attorney for leniency and a 12-year sentence will be rejected because Madoff refused to cooperate fully with investigators.

But even if he gets a term of life without parole, victims won't be guaranteed any significant return of their lost funds. So many victims now want him to suffer more public humiliation. "He should be strapped into a Six Flags Stunt Man Drop, in a tuxedo, for five hours per day, on television," says one victim, who asked U.S. District Judge Denny Chin, who will sentence Madoff, if this could be done as a clip for YouTube. "Between "rides" he should pick up garbage in the park, also on television. He should only be allowed to eat greasy foods that are likely to make him puke often."