Free bowling for kids


A fellow writer told me about this program, and it does seem like a pretty darn good deal, especially if you like bowling.

KidsBowlFree is a national program, that numerous bowling alleys across the country are participating in. You have to register, and once you do, you can go to the bowling alley and let your kids bowl for free, for two games. Every day, if you want to.

For $23.95, you can register with a participating bowling alley, and you'll have a pass that's good through the summer. Your kids, plus up to four adult family members, can go to the bowling alley and bowl two games for free -- every day during the summer.

The Web site is a little confusing, in my opinion, since after I registered, the family pass information came up, and my first conclusion was that I had to pay for the family pass. But you don't. Still, I just may. Go bowling with your spouse and parents or inlaws, and you have a pretty good deal brewing.

Now, the bowling alley will charge you for your kids' shoes, and nobody's feelings will be hurt if you buy a few snacks and drinks while you're there. But still, it is a pretty good deal, and yes, your children really are allowed to bowl for free. There may be no free lunch, but there is free bowling.

I took my daughters bowling about a year ago, and as I recall, I spent around $30 for two games and the three pairs of shoes. So clearly if you just use the family pass once during the summer, it's not such a deal. You may break even. But if you go several times, you should more than get your money's worth.

And if you go every day during the summer, according to KidsBowlFree, it's a deal worth $1,500.