Feral urban chickens: A great idea?


The animal control department came, to a vacant lot on the 600 block of Pierce Street in South Philly, and got about 15 of 'em. Chickens are hard to catch, though, especially when there are more than 40 altogether; and they've been wild for a few years. So they took the ones they could, and threw up their hands on the rest.

You see, there was this hen. Her owner went to jail, and then there was this rooster. His owner doesn't live around South Pierce Street any more. But the chickens, and their considerable progeny, do.

Keeping chickens isn't legal in Philadelphia. In most cities, even those which allow urban chickens, roosters aren't permitted; they're noisy. They're often mean (especially when protecting their flocks). And they make lots, and lots, of baby chickens.