California debt collector shows that nonpayment of bills could save your life!


When one thinks about debt collectors, names like "leech," "bloodsucker," and "pit bull" immediately dance from the tongue; for those lucky few of us who have occasionally received wake-up calls from the bill man, the terms get even more emotionally fraught and foully descriptive. While cannibalism is obviously a somewhat extreme response, regular social calls from creditors can help one see the wisdom of Hannibal Lector, who proudly bragged of eating a census-taker's liver with "fava beans and a nice chianti."

In the current economic situation, affection would likely be the last response that a bill collector could expect from a client. However, this is exactly what a collector in Victorville, California got on Wednesday when she knocked on a customer's door. The collector, a car saleswoman, came by to pick up a payment when she noticed that her customer had missed the pay date.