California debt collector shows that nonpayment of bills could save your life!

When one thinks about debt collectors, names like "leech," "bloodsucker," and "pit bull" immediately dance from the tongue; for those lucky few of us who have occasionally received wake-up calls from the bill man, the terms get even more emotionally fraught and foully descriptive. While cannibalism is obviously a somewhat extreme response, regular social calls from creditors can help one see the wisdom of Hannibal Lector, who proudly bragged of eating a census-taker's liver with "fava beans and a nice chianti."

In the current economic situation, affection would likely be the last response that a bill collector could expect from a client. However, this is exactly what a collector in Victorville, California got on Wednesday when she knocked on a customer's door. The collector, a car saleswoman, came by to pick up a payment when she noticed that her customer had missed the pay date.When the door opened, the saleswoman found herself facing a 30-year old woman with fear in her eyes and scratches on her body.
The client wrote the word "Help," and the name of her ex, Miguel Rios. When the collector quietly asked if everything was okay, the woman began crying and whispered that Rios had a gun and was holding her hostage.

After leaving, the saleswoman quickly called the local authorities, who arrested the 28-year old Rios. A self-admitted gang member, he had been holding the woman captive since Sunday. In addition to the scratches that the collector had noticed, the woman also had bite marks on her body and bruises around her neck, allegedly the result of an attempted strangulation. Rios was arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, making terrorist threats, and other allegations. His captive was taken to the hospital.

While it may be overstating the case to say that debt collectors deserve a little more love, it's hard to resist being impressed with a car saleswoman who takes her job so seriously. Not only did she swing by a debtor's home to collect a check, but she also took the time and the care to investigate her client's needs. Personally, I'm thinking of moving to Victorville, if only for the customer service!
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