Save on home remodeling with reclaimed materials, fixtures and furnishings


Combine a limited home remodeling budget with a green frame of mind, and you can find great ways to save on your next DIY project.

There are a lot of worthwhile, beautiful home materials ready to be reclaimed and reused thanks to savvy dealers, demolition experts and everyday folks who rescue them from a landfill fate.

Here are a few resources for trimming your project costs as you create and improve.

  • Architectural salvage yards: Modern green-building principles meet the architecture of the past in these gardens of historical finds. Take a stroll through a dealer's offerings, and you may find replacement hardware, a period-correct fixture or an amazing garden ornament. Salvage gurus travel far and wide to collect the nearly-priceless artifacts that renovations and demolitions leave behind, and their breadth of knowledge is as valuable as their road stories are amazing. Visit the online yards of Ohmega Salvage and Recycling The Past to get a coast-to-coast feel for the latest in salvage finds, and then dig in with a visit to your local dealer.