Bike accessory deals worth pedaling to dollar store for


When I was a kid, lo these many moons ago, a bike light was to a kid what fog lights were to our parents' cars; a delicious add-on.

We all wanted a shiny new bell or handle bar streamers so the other kids on the block would ooh and aah over our latest acquisition. Today, as I watch the kids riding up and down the sidewalk in front of the house, these bicycle accessories are not often seen. Still, someone must be buying them, because hardware stores and dollar stores alike, still stock them.

Here are a few available at dollar stores:

Cable locks with key -- Unfortunately, a bike lock is pretty much a necessity in most neighborhoods. The dollar store version is vinyl-coated and 27 inches long, an adequate size for a kid's bike. It costs $1.25. The hardware store cable lock is similar but is 6 feet long and costs $14.99. Neither one of these is going to stand up to a determined crook with a good set of cable cutters but they will keep an opportunistic thief from swiping your kid's bike from where he parked it outside the video store.