Your lunch date with Warren Buffett will be a lot cheaper this year


The annual honor of being the highest bidder in an auction to have lunch with Warren Buffet looks to be a lot cheaper this year.

After last year's record $2.1 million, paid by a Hong Kong hedge-fund manager, this year's auction on eBay is at $135,687 -- a heck of a discount.

And you may even get a Dairy Queen Blizzard thrown in.

Auction proceeds go to the Glide Foundation in San Francisco, a charity that provides meals to the needy.

Buffett has held the annual auction for the past decade. The winner can bring as many as seven friends for lunch at a New York steakhouse to hear the Oracle of Omaha's wisdom, according to a Wall Street Journal blog.

Time is running out. The auction ends at 7 p.m. PDT Friday, June 26.

I doubt if last year's record, which was three times the previous record, will be beat, or that anyone will pay even $500,000. It is a charitable donation, but shareholders of any company that spends that kind of money on lunch will wonder if they're getting their money's worth.