Recession Dressin' with Holly Getty: Beware the summer sale

One of my personal style gurus in New York City (ok, it's a friend I bug for tips) is
Holly Getty, a personal stylist. As someone who's hated the idea of shopping
and just wishes we could all wear the same outfit every day, I love knowing someone like Holly who makes personal style easy.

Getting dressed in the morning is all about comfort and wearing something that makes you feel alive, according to Holly. Walletpop has shown you the difference a sophisticated outfit can make through our funny, short video "Bargain Eye for the Laid-Off Guy: Get a GQ look for under $50." Now Holly gives you a money-saving tip when it comes to resisting all those summer sales. Here's what she has to say:

"Even before it is officially summer, summer sales are everywhere. Given the economy, people are catching on to the drill. Retailers put out over-priced clothes, you wait, they mark them down. You think you are getting a deal, when in reality, the entire process is carefully orchestrated.
"We are trained to expect the sale and act accordingly. The high, the low. The high, the low. Its like we are all on a sugar rush. And when on a sugar rush, we don't always make the best decisions.

"If I were king of the world, I would abolish sales entirely. The number one problem I see with my clients is too much stuff. Much of the stuff is acquired during sales. Listen closely. I am about to give you the key to shopping smart during a sale -- look at the original price. If you would pay the original price, buy it. If not, leave it in the store.

"For example, if you see a clutch originally priced at $500 marked down to $150, ask yourself if you would pay $500 for the lovely little clutch. I am not necessarily saying you have the $500 to spend on an accessory, I am asking you to check your gut reaction.

"If you were able to spend $500 on this item, would you? Your answer will tell you if you should pay the $150 or not. It is that simple and you will clearly know yes or no immediately!

"That is all you need to hit the sales racks this summer, or to stay away. Tune into yourself and you will find the answer, in fashion and in life."

Holly Getty is known for helping individuals liberate their personal style and create a signature look that allows them to feel good in any situation while working within their budget. During her career in the fashion industry, she has worked for such notables as Jones New York, J. Crew, Dana Buchman, Liz Claiborne, Bergdorf Goodman and Calvin Klein.
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