Recession Dressin' with Holly Getty: Beware the summer sale


One of my personal style gurus in New York City (ok, it's a friend I bug for tips) is

Holly Getty, a personal stylist. As someone who's hated the idea of shopping
and just wishes we could all wear the same outfit every day, I love knowing someone like Holly who makes personal style easy.

Getting dressed in the morning is all about comfort and wearing something that makes you feel alive, according to Holly. Walletpop has shown you the difference a sophisticated outfit can make through our funny, short video "Bargain Eye for the Laid-Off Guy: Get a GQ look for under $50." Now Holly gives you a money-saving tip when it comes to resisting all those summer sales. Here's what she has to say:

"Even before it is officially summer, summer sales are everywhere. Given the economy, people are catching on to the drill. Retailers put out over-priced clothes, you wait, they mark them down. You think you are getting a deal, when in reality, the entire process is carefully orchestrated.