'Going Out Of Business' store forced to change name

going out of business
going out of business

When I pass a store sporting a large sign that reads "Going Out Of Business" I presume that it is, well, going out of business.

Not necessarily, however; a Texas businessman, after experiencing the frenzy that these words inspire in bargain vultures, decided to name his ongoing rug business "Going Out Of Business."

According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), owner Cyrus Hassankola has done brisk trade in previous locations by going out of business. Unfortunately, the hurmorless, anti-business Texas Attorney General's office has forced him to rename his store, at least temporarily.

I ran into a similar strategy years ago when buying T-shirts for an event. The brand of the shirt stock was "Made In The USA," which meant they could have been made anywhere in the world.

If Hassankola wins his fight with the Texas AG, it could spawn a whole new store- naming protocol. I wouldn't be surprised to find chains adopting names such as:

  • "Sheriff's Sale"

  • "Divorce Sale -- Hurry, Before He Finds Out I'm Selling All His Toys"

  • "I'm Drunk -- Make Me An Offer"

  • "Garage Sale Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. -- ????"

  • "Stuff Left In Unlocked Cars"

  • "Junk I Fished Out Of The Trash"

  • "My Son The Fence -- Inventory Reduction"

  • "Evicted! Lawn Sale Today Only"

  • "IRS Liquidation"

  • "We All Went To Lunch And Forgot To Lock The Door"