Ballpark box seats are going on sale


Do you live with a baseball "superfan?" Are you one yourself? If so, this might be your lucky year, as ballparks around the country slash prices on their ritzy luxury-suite digs.

While many of these deals aren't what most people would dub inexpensive -- some of them are still in the five figures -- fields desperate to get customers through the gates are offering one-time deals for seats that are normally sold only by the season and packages including perks like wine tastings, limo transfers and access to players. The bottom line: They're still luxuries, but if you've got the disposable income and want to see baseball in high-roller style, this is your season.

What's fueling the sudden sale on swanky seats? A big part of it is companies and even municipalities cutting back on their luxury-box expenditures as the recession continues. The beleaguered General Motors is reportedly trying to unload a chunk of its Detroit Tigers luxury seats. In the Big Apple, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg pulled back on suite seats at the city's two new major league ballparks.