The Lemondrop Girl's at-Work Beauty Preparedness Kit

By Ann Kelly for Lemondrop

A majority of your time is spent at work. And just like you keep a tool kit and first-aid supplies at home, you need some life-saving goodies on hand there, too. That's why we've come up with the modern girl's go-pack.

Here, nine things worth stashing in your desk -- eight of which fit easily inside a makeup bag -- that can come to your rescue any time you experience an unexpected meeting, wardrobe malfunction, date or morning after. Store now, look foxy all the time, and thank us later.

Emergency hair stuff Hey, tragedies like oversleeping and humidity do happen. Keep a lil' portion of dry shampoo if your locks get greasy or shine serum if you tend to frizz.

Sewing kit Using a paperclip to fasten your shirt when a button pops off mid-day? Not so classy. Instead, keep a hotel-toiletry-style sewing kit on hand.

Extra undies You can keep a neutral-tone thong in an envelope and never go without when you need one the most.

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