10 Legit Jobs That Don't Require Much Experience


"Earn thousands of dollars per week working part-time! No experience necessary!" the job posting title blares.

Skeptical? You should be. Think about it: Why would any legitimate employer offer inexperienced employees a six-figure salary for working just a few hours a week? These offers come with a serious catch -- usually in the form of illegal activity or an initial investment that's never recouped.

That said, there are plenty of perfectly legitimate jobs out there that require little -- if any -- experience or post-secondary education. And they're not all in retail stores and restaurants.

The following are 10 not-so-obvious jobs that require minimal education, training and experience, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data:

1. Traffic technician

The job: Conducting field studies to determine traffic volume, speed, signal effectiveness, adequacy of lighting and other factors influencing traffic conditions, under the direction of a traffic engineer.

The requirements: High school diploma.

Average pay: $41,810

2. Human resources assistant

The job: Maintaining and updating human resources records.

The requirements: High school diploma or GED and computer proficiency.

Average pay: $29,370

3. Bill and account collector

The job: Keeping track of overdue accounts, tracking down the debtors and collecting payments.

The requirements: High school diploma and customer service experience.

Average pay: $28,963

4. Refuse and recyclable materials collector

The job: Gathering trash and recyclable materials into their trucks and hauling them to landfills and recycling centers.

The requirements: At least 18 years old and able to pass a physical exam.

Average pay: $32,790

5. Library technician

The job: Directing patrons to standard references, handling interlibrary loans, checking out books and other routine library tasks.

The requirements: A certificate or associate degree is preferred, but smaller libraries may hire individuals with only a high school diploma.

Average pay: $31,110

6. Light delivery truck driver

The job: Driving trucks or vans weighing less than 26,000 pounds to deliver merchandise and packages within a certain region.

The requirements: At least 18 years old with a valid driver's license and clean driving record.

Average pay: $28,154

7. Occupational therapist aide

The job: Preparing materials and equipment used in the rehabilitation of people with mental, physical, emotional or developmental disabilities.

The requirements: High school diploma and good interpersonal skills.

Average pay: $26,715

8. Interviewer (except eligibility and loan)

The job: Asking prepared questions to obtain preliminary information from customers in doctor's offices, market research firms and government agencies.

The requirements: High school diploma, computer proficiency and good interpersonal skills.

Average pay: $29,040

9. Nursing aide or orderly

The job: Performing routine tasks like answering patients' call lights, making beds and serving meals under the supervision of the nursing staff.

The requirements: High school diploma or GED.

Average pay: $21,517

10. Funeral assistant

The job: Placing the casket in a funeral parlor, arranging flowers, showing mourners to their seats, closing caskets and other duties during a funeral.

The requirements: High school diploma and good interpersonal skills.

Average pay: $21,575

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