Steve Jobs back to work, say employees, timing fishy, says everyone


Has the attendance record of any executive been so closely watched as that of Apple's co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs? When it was finally leaked to the Wall Street Journal late Friday that Jobs' illness was a liver transplant, which occurred about two months ago, many Apple (AAPL) fans breathed a sigh of relief; he wasn't fatally ill, at least, and he'd be back at work soon. But when? Apple wouldn't say, though when Steve first announced his "hormonal imbalance" in January, he said he'd return by the end of June.

Today, however, employees did say they saw him show up at the company's Cupertino, Calif. headquarters, prompting CNBC to ask all the questions that Apple PR wouldn't even listen to, let alone answer: "is [today's return] a one-hit-wonder, [will he] be here tomorrow, [is] his return to Apple full-time is actually coming earlier than the 'end of June' time-frame?"

Are these really the questions?