Church of England offers free beer in church

Beer garden
Beer garden

Some churches pray that more men may find their way back to Sunday services. The Church of England, however, knows that God helps those who help themselves, and men tend to congregate where there is beer and barbecued meats. This Father's Day, the two came together.

According to the London Telegraph, men attending St. Stephen's church in Barbourne, Worchester on Father's Day were handed bottles of beers by children to slake their thirst during the service.

Other churches offered bacon rolls, chocolate bars, and even a hog roast as manna to those struggling through the carbohydrate desert between breakfast and lunch. A study recently found that less than 20% of men in England attend church monthly, perhaps because they became so peckish.

The archdeacon of St. Stephen's defended the beer giveaway, comparing it to the flowers that are given to mothers on Mother's Day. I wonder how many mums wouldn't have minded a cold one instead?

One bishop responded to the charge that the church was encouraging alcohol abuse by pointing out the gospel story in which Jesus turned water into wine. "He was all in favor of partying," said the bishop.