Campaign contributions are up despite recession


We all know that times are hard, but rising politicians are benefiting from increased campaign contributions despite the current recession. According to the Washington Independent, the first quarter fundraising for the ten closest incumbent house races have increased by 18%, and 39% for the five most competitive Senate races.

Campaign finance analyst say that perhaps the recession is pushing more money into Washington. I agree, and I think it may be the result of either worry or confidence.

For those who are well in tune with the economic events, the headlines overwhelmingly highlight the negatives. National debt is increasing, unemployment numbers hit record highs and businesses are going bankrupt; all of which are true, and could possibly influence people to contribute more money to promising candidates to further stimulate a positive response. On the other hand, the government states that the worst may be over, and America is slowly exiting a recession. With this uplifting news, Americans may be contributing more to speed up the recovery.