Automate your income, save by ditching your car, and other hot PF Tips, via Tip'd

Tip'dThis is a round-up of the most popular finance links from Tip'd, the social news site for finance, in the past week. This week's stories include tips on buying a really cheap house (think fix-me-upper in a bad part of town), automating your income, and how much you can save by ditching your automobile.

How Much House Can $10,000 Buy? (29 Tips)
Jim at Bargaineering points out the recent article at Bankrate, showing what $400K can buy in terms of a house. But let's be realistic. (After all, we're in a recession!) Here are the homes you can buy today for only $10K. What can $10K buy in your neighborhood?

Automate Your Income Just Like You Would Automate Your Expenses (23 Tips)
So we've all heard time and again how wise it is to automate your expenses. It saves time and money. But what you don't hear as often is automating your income. This post urges its readers to attempt to separate what they do with their time from what they do to earn money. Have you automated your income? Discuss it here.

5 Tips to Prepare for Next Year's Tax Season (23 Tips)
I know, most of us would prefer to wait until the last minute. But what's the harm in taking a mere glance at these five tips? Maybe one of them will save you big bucks come tax season. Have any other tips? Share them here.

Exercise on the Cheap -- Frugal Workouts for You and Your Spouse (20 Tips)
Why pay hundreds of dollars a year on gym membership when you can workout for free? (Or at least for cheap!) Add your thoughts to the discussion.

How I Save $8,535 Per Year By Not Having A Car (19 Tips)
Remember, the cost of the car itself is never the only cost of car ownership. Finance charges, gasoline, insurance, and maintenance add up. If you must have a car, there are a few tips on minimizing these costs, too. Read how much car ownership costs others.
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