Strong suit: Why Air New Zealand's naked marketing works

Naked Marketing New Zealand Air plane tail
Naked Marketing New Zealand Air plane tail

A marketing campaign featuring bodypainted employees -- wearing nothing underneath their makeup but their birthday suits -- might seem beyond the pale. A spot with salacious shots and tittering customers could go over the line. But with its CEO joining in the fun, making his own bare(ish) skin integral to the corporate message by stripping down and painting up, Air New Zealand's latest campaign is a prime example of naked marketing that works.

"Consumers today demand radical transparency from companies, and rightly so," Air New Zealand chief Rob Fyfe said. "Along with Air New Zealand employees, I took off all my clothes to demonstrate in a remarkable way that Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide and in fact have good reason to feel pride. I'd love other CEOs to follow suit if it would help consumers to feel more confident in organizations."

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