Walletpop and the Huffington Post talk about How We're Living Now


These times are historic, painful, but historic. And they provide an opportunity for us to grow stronger as individuals and as a country. That's why Walletpop is getting together with our friends at the Huffington Post Living section to hold a panel in New York City on June 22nd, to talk about How We're Living Now: Welcome to the New Economy.

The panel was, of course, inspired by these times and how everything is changing, quickly. Walletpopper Bruce Watson's post, earlier this month, asking Is the Recession Making Us Better People? also falls in line with some of the topics we're going to discuss.

Below is a complete outline of the discussion. We hope to have a video up next week, after the panel, of highlights and interviews with guests and panelists. And we would like to give a WalletPop shout-out to our wine sponsor, Israeli Wine Direct, for providing yumming delicious red wine, from Israel!, that I can't wait to try, having learned how to dive in Tel Aviv, and I remember the food as deeeee-licious! I was, unfortunately, too young for the wine...

Walletpop and the Huffington Post Living panel discussion:

  • Coping with the Economy: the social trends arising out of the growing number of unemployed in urban areas

  • Surviving a Layoff: The first three things you should do for yourself after getting laid off

  • Take Advantage of a Layoff: How to fund a trip around the world or a month's stay abroad

  • Macro-changes: the recession's impact on living green, how we eat, luxury, fashion, entertainment and social technology

  • Melting the Ice- Is the Recession Making Us Nicer People? Are mean bosses a thing of the past?

  • Looking Ahead to 2012- What major changes are ahead