Men have to wear hot pants again, and it's all this guy's fault


David Beckham is so 1998. The new face of soccer chic is Cristiano Ronaldo, who like Beckham before him, parlayed a superstar career in English football at Manchester United into a massive contract with Real Madrid. The 24-year-old Ronaldo celebrated his just-signed, $131 million contract by hitting the Los Angeles club scene with Paris Hilton and taking his scantily clad lounge-chair lizard routine, already famous in the European tabloids, into the American press.

Pay close attention. You'll be spending your money on his look next season.

Because the pretty-boy Portuguese striker looks so good in skin-tight, teeny tiny shorts (click here and here for two humiliating images), now you're going to have to learn to wear them as well. That's because after the images of Ronaldo playing at a Beverly Hills pool were published, thereby earning the American stamp of approval, British stores reported that sales of the male hot pants style have more than doubled.