Lawsuit filed over KFC's botched grilled chicken giveaway

Remember the KFC grilled chicken giveaway (promoted by Oprah) that went awry? Well two consumers can't get it off their mind; after several disappointing trips to KFC, wasted gas, printer ink and postage they decided to sue KFC.

The lawsuit was filed in LA where the two consumers hope to get full restitution of monies spent in their attempt to get their free grilled chicken meals. The complaint alleges that KFC's free grilled chicken promotion made use of false advertising as well as a bait and switch attempt to take money from customers.

Having excitedly printed off my free grilled chicken coupon and shared it with my co-workers,ah I get where these consumers are coming from. I was disappointed, even a little bit angry, that KFC was backing out on their free grilled chicken coupons; especially since my store was still selling the grilled chicken. The fact that there was still grilled chicken to be had was confusing to me since I didn't realize that there was a difference between "free" chicken and the normal "cash money" chicken at KFC.

The coupon rain check program was another decision that boggles the mind since it seems to be just as easy for them to accept an old coupon and throw in a free Pepsi. Perhaps KFC was hoping that, like all mail in rebate style promotions, this would decrease the number of people who got free chicken saving the Colonel some cash.

Still, a lawsuit, over grilled chicken, and beef seasoned grilled chicken to boot? Is this really the best use of time for all of the involved parties?

If the suit gains class action status we all know what will happen. There will be a long, drawn out process for anyone affected to claim a part of any settlement which will be followed by ANOTHER free chicken giveaway and no admission of wrongdoing by KFC. Don't forget the lawyers will also take home enough cash to make all the money wasted on postage for rain checks seem like barely enough to buy a value meal.

Can't we all gather around a bucket of chicken and work this out?
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