Pulp friction: 'Real Housewives' catfight creates a literary collector's item


Husband stealer? Stripper? Delinquent Neiman Marcus credit card holder? Danielle Staub, one of the housewives on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has been called a lot of things on the show. Now she's spawning literary collector's items?

All season, Danielle has been the object of rumor, scorn, and behind-her-back derision on the Bravo TV show, as other participants on the quasi-reality socialite showcase repeatedly alluded to Danielle's appearance in something they called "the book."

Because of "the book," a supposedly non-fiction tell-all about the life of her ex-husband, an undercover cop, the other show's subjects had gathered that Danielle is a thieving, whoring menace who is dangerous to be around. "The book," we're told, refers to Ms. Staub as a "coke-sniffing stripper with an extortion conviction," and the mug shots, of her in 1986 before she changed her name and got Botox, don't help.