Man dressed as dead mother to receive Social Security benefits


The Brooklyn, N.Y., district attorney announced the Monday arrest of 49-year-old Thomas Parkin for dressing as his dead mother to collect Social Security benefits, according to a New York Daily News story.

Parkin was charged with forgery, grand larceny, conspiracy, criminal impersonation and perjury. Sound shocking? Wait until you hear the rest.

Thomas' mother, Irene Prusik, left her Brooklyn home for him to inherit. When she passed away in 2003, Thomas took out a $200,000 mortgage. He later found out, perhaps due to the recession, that he could not afford it and stopped making mortgage payments.

The home eventually went into foreclosure and was bought in 2003. To avoid eviction, Parkin decided to take on the identity of his dead mother to afford the apartment and pay for his real estate venture.

The reincarnated "Ms. Prusik" was complete with sunglasses, nail polish, wig, and old fashioned clothing. The scam continued for six years as the government offices supplied Parkin with his requested funds. He created a fake ID and even hired a nephew to assist him, or her, at the bank.

Here's bank video of the pair: