Looking to relocate? Washington State lures in entrepreneurs

Several American cities are left almost deserted after being hit hard from the current recession. The bankruptcies of U.S. automakers have caused many residents of Detroit, MI to venture elsewhere in hopes of re-launching their careers. The vision of a "fresh start" is common talk among many Americans as they struggle to survive the economic slump. If you are searching for the best place to begin your new career, look no further. Although many cities are featured in the "best places to go" series across the web, I noticed that Washington State is always mentioned.
Most people think of the Pacific Northwest as depressing and rainy. However, residents enjoy an active lifestyle with bustling cities, mountains, and national parks. In particular, Washington State benefits with a diverse economy. For example, Detroit was so invested in the auto industry, that when it tanked, the city had few other options. In Washington State, residents choose to enter various industries. Some of the state's top employers include Boeing, Costco and Amazon.com.

The state offers many incentives for entrepreneurs. Washington does not have corporate or personal income tax, and some politicians even attend opening ceremonies for new businesses. I had a one-on-one interview with Don Robinson, owner of LeadWebDesigners.com, a professional website design and hosting company based in Spokane, Washington. Below is an excerpt of what Mr. Robinson had to say about conducting business in Washington State:

"Statewide I have found government support to be exuberant. You'll walk out of any government agency thinking "wow! That just saved me a month." Washington State's tax system actually makes it easier for new and growing businesses by shifting taxes to those that consume rather than those that create. In the end I think it comes out to the same income for the state but gives businesses that extra cash to roll back into themselves allowing for more stability in economic downturns and then growth when the economy permits. Washington State has shown in the past to recover more quickly from economic problems than other states. Location and resources give us the edge, and always will, making Washington a great place to establish your career and wait for growth. Washington folks are proud to be innovators, happily marching into new industries and you might be surprised where your skill sets fit in."

There must be a reason why Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Howard Shultz all ventured to Washington State to launch some of the most successful companies. They noticed the incentives that were offered to the creative thinkers, and ambitious individuals across the nation.
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