Live Nation gets No Fee Wednesday right this time around

Fees are the scourge of many a concertgoer's experience -- these little additions can quickly turn a no brainer ticket purchase into one that requires an investigation of your checking account.

Ticket sellers aren't' oblivious to the fact that this nickel and dime attitude ticks off their customers, which prompted one seller, LiveNation, to start a summer promotion which featured no fee lawn seats.

Unfortunately the first time this promotion went live it was hardly fee-free; LiveNation was still charging parking and facility fees on many of the included lawn seats.

After a public lashing here and on Rolling Stone's Web site, LiveNation has responded and cut the fees from hundreds of shows for the rest of today, which can save anywhere from $13-20 compared to buying Thursday. Don't forget to get the discounted price you need to order before midnight tonight.
You can currently get lawn tickets for a flat $24.99 for many shows at 40 locations in the U.S. and Canada including many big names like:
  • Blink 182
  • Aerosmith
  • 311
  • Jason Mraz
  • No Doubt
  • Coldplay
  • and many more
Finding cheap seats by artist is a little tricky and I had to join a LiveNation ticket club just to get access to the No Fee Blink 182 tickets but the promotion appears to be running smoothly. Looking for eligible tickets by venue is much easier since LiveNation has provided a list of all participating amphitheaters.

You can even get the tickets delivered for free or print them out for free, which is $2.50 less than it would cost to be able to print them out if purchased at Ticketmaster. My advice; choose the print from home option and e-mail yourself a PDF copy of the tickets. This saved me a tank of gas and likely several speeding tickets on more than one occasion.

It seems that LiveNation's No Fee Wednesday promotion has been corrected and lives up to its name. It would be great if both LiveNation and Ticketmaster would simply list the final purchase price of every ticket they sell all the time.

If that's too big of a change for the executives to swallow at least let me choose what price to see when I go searching tickets. This would cut down on frustration and the feeling that I am being charged for every part of my concert going experience.

If the fee happy attitude doesn't stop soon, I'll probably get charged an additional $4.20 for a contact buzz fee the next time I go see Grateful Dead in concert.
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