Jobless man steals to return for prison lunches

The food must be good in Taiwan's prisons.

About four months after a jobless ex-con asked police to return him to prison so he could have a meal, another homeless and unemployed ex-con in Taiwan was recently arrested so he could have a prison lunch, according to a Reuters story.

The man stole a box of cotton swabs just to get arrested again because he "could not forget the police department boxed lunches" officers and local media said in the report.

He first stole a pair of shoes on Sunday, and was detained and released. He then stole the next day so he could go back and get a free meal.

The recession is hitting Taiwan so hard that police say they'll feed anyone who is so far down on their luck that they have to resort to petty crimes to be fed in jail.

"If someone's not doing well and comes in around meal time, we'll definitely prepare food," said an officer at the police station that again released the suspect, Tsou Hao-lan.

The Reuters story also reported that a man without a job for four months stole a motor scooter and drove it to a Taipei-area police station.
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