30 advertisers and a wedding: TNT remembers (and hires) Boyz II Men, and lots of sponsors


Bless their hearts, Holli and Steve from Saginaw, Michigan: the newlyweds who starred in last night's premiere of TNT's "Wedding Day." (Produced by Mark Burnett, the show is basically "Extreme Home Makeover" for nuptials.) I can guarantee you that, despite a wedding that featured 500 pounds of bulk candy, a cheerleading squad, and a camera crew, Holli and Steve's guests were all talking about the same thing the next day: the performance by Boyz II Men.

No, seriously. Boyz II Men. I, for one, would be thrilled to have them play my wedding -- if I could plan my wedding for a nice summer night in 1991. Back then, my weekends mostly involved devising and revising dance routines to "Motownphilly." Watching the much older Boyz take the stage at Holli and Steve's reception, I was mildly horrified for the couple.