Go for Less: New York City


Although many people consider New York City the most exciting city in America, if not the world, some visitors avoid trips there because they think it must cost too much. We talk to Pauline Frommer, editor of the Pauline Frommer's book series, about her award-winning guide to the city. How can you see it affordably without missing out on the city's world-class style?

In this 15-minute episode of WalletPop's new series Go for Less, hosted by Jason Cochran, Frommer dishes on how to find discounted sample sales for the latest designs from the fashion world, which neighborhoods serve exotic food for next to nothing ($4 for three courses!), and most importantly, how to find a place to sleep for cheap. Would you believe you can have your own apartment in a leafy neighborhood for less than $100? It turns out there are plenty of ways to take a bite out of the Big Apple.