Five gift ideas for Dad -- dollar store style

Okay, June 21st is coming up fast and you need something to show Dad you're thinking about him. Problem one: men are notoriously hard to buy for. Problem two: the piggy bank is nearing empty.

This calls for some inventive thinking, and a trip to your friendly neighborhood dollar store. So while you can still get the colognes, ties and socks at the dollar store and these may still be fine for a dad who needs those things, lets look beyond the usual, shall we?

For the golfer -- How about three Top Flight golf balls and a package of 48 golf tees for a total cost of $2? I've seen other golfing accessories at Dollarama from time to time, as well. Pack your finds into a zippered 9" x 5" tote for a total cost of $3. Dad can then use the bag for toiletries when he travels. It struck me as being just the right size to pack an electric razor and cord in.

For the fisherman -- I saw a ton of stuff for the fisherman at Dollarama, including a sturdy folding stool for $2 so Dad can rest a spell while he's waiting for the big one to bite. You can get lures, spinners, flies, leaders, sinkers and a 656-yard spool of 8-lb. fishing line, all for a buck each, so you can pick and choose what you think Dad would like. You could even buy Pop a bamboo fishing rod for $1, so he can make like Tom Sawyer. And they have fishing reels for $2, as well. Everything mentioned here totals $11.

For the wine connoisseur -- Can't afford Pop's favorite wine? Pack a wine gift bag with two new wine glasses and a metal corkscrew/bottle opener. We found a neat, reusable wine bag made of jute with bamboo handles that cost $1.25. Everything else was only a buck each, making this gift total $4.25.