Dress like a cow and eat free chicken July 10


July 10 is a way off, but you may want to get started now on making your cow costume as Chick-fil-A brings back its Cow Appreciation Day and gives a free combo meal on that day to anyone fully dressed as a cow.

If you don't have a cow costume (mine is at the dry cleaners for the next month) or need help dressing from head to toe as a cow, you can still use the restaurant's free costume kit. The kit has cow spots and such to put on your T-shirt, for example, and a cow signboard that reads "Eat Mor Chikin," as if it was written by a cow.

The kids will have a lot of fun with this summer activity.

If you can't get a full costume together, and only have partial cow attire, such as a cow-printed hat, you'll get a free entree -- not the entire combo meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chik-fil-A has some costume tips and photos of past participants for ideas on how to dress like a cow. Basicall, go with black spots on white.

The idea behind the contest, besides getting more customers into Chick-fil-A restaurants, is to show your appreciation for the cows while eating chicken. Brilliant idea.

A kids' photo contest starts June 22 and a Facebook photo contest starts July 10.

Find the nearest Chik-fil-A near you before heading out.

And go out and buy a cow bell now before they sell out.