Cody Willard on bailouts, Bernanke and business


Cody Willard is the host of FoxBusiness' Happy Hour, and he's gotten quite a bit of press lately. Daily Show host Jon Stewart accused him of calling President Barack Obama a fascist -- see the clip and Willard's response here -- and he's been vocal about his opposition to bailouts, stimulus packages, and Ben Bernanke.

I chatted with him on Monday morning about his life and career. There isn't enough space for the whole conversation but here's a quick summary of his life. The 36-year old attended the University of New Mexico on scholarship, and sold his car for $4,000 after graduating and moved to New York. He worked at Starbucks while he wrote to people he read about in The Wall Street Journal in search of a job on Wall Street, eventually landing a job at Oppenheimer as an analyst. He launched his own hedge fund in 2002, investing in technology stocks in the midst of the carnage. Along the way, he was involved in a handful of dead-end tech start-ups, lost his home on September 11th, wrote an unpublished novel, and started a Neil Young cover band that folded when the guitarist fell off a roof.