More people trying crazy stunts to get jobs


The job market is tough, but tough enough to stage a sit-in just to meet with the director?

Apparently so, that's just one of the methods retold to in its survey of hiring managers which found a 6% increase in unusual tactics by job hunters from last year. It's actually one of the tamer ways prospective employees got their foot in the door.

The survey found

  • Candidates washing employee cars.

  • Dressing up as the Easter bunny.

  • Picking the same barber as the chairman and having the barber pitch his skills.

  • Bluffing their way into a meeting with a manager.

The survey also reported a candidate using a cake decorated like his business card as an attempt at getting hired and hey, if you can use one to quit, why can't it work to get a job?

Some job candidates have crossed the line from unusual to unscrupulous to secure a job. reports on one job seeker who created a fake job listing for a similar job in order to gauge his competition and steal from their cover letters. Though it got him the job, something tells me that unless he outsources all of his work on Craigslist as well it may be short lived.

If you do decide to go crazy make sure you do it in a route that complements the job you are applying for.

If your potential employer can't connect the dots between your antics and anticipated tasks you may find that the only reason you got the interview was to give the rest of the employees a laugh on closed circuit television.