Website helps find stimulus jobs in Washington state

The Washington State Department of Transportation is making it easy for job seekers there to find jobs being funded through the federal stimulus project.

The department's Website has lists of projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which became law on Feb. 17 as a way to jumpstart the economy.

Many of the jobs are in transportation improvements, and the Washington state site has a stimulus funding map that shows where contracts have been awarded and where bids are being advertised.

KIMA 29 in Washington state recently had a video report on the program, which is estimated to have enough construction projects to create an estimated 3,700 jobs. They include direct and indirect jobs, such as steel makers and other support jobs, and induced jobs, meaning consumer good the workers will buy.

The state Department of Transportation will contact potential employees who sign up for e-mail or mail alerts as the new jobs open

Currently 312 highway, ferry and rail construction projects are listed on the site, which narrrows them by county or other geographical site, making it easy for job seekers to find work near them.

Clicking on a specific project, such as a statewide bridge rail retrofit, gives an update on the project and gives phone numbers to call in various regions for job information.

It's an extremely sophisticated site with enough information to keep job seekers busy for hours finding construction work.
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