Stewart's advice to Couric: Prostate exams and news bingo

Katie Couric, you are one good sport.

The CBS Evening News anchor was on The Daily Show last night, where she smilingly endured about 20 jokes about how old, out-of-touch and, well, dying her viewers are. Not only did Couric laugh along as Jon Stewart suggested she turn her show into a bingo game and offer free prostate exams -- she even supplied one of the punchlines for him.

After pointing out that Evening News recently hit an all-time low in the ratings, Stewart suggested holding a contest as a means of attracting new viewers. "What about that -- 'Win a Date with Katie'?" he said. "She'll do the news at your -- where do they live? Adult-living places? Where do they live, your audience?"

"Your assisted-living facility," she said.
If I were Couric, I'd be a little annoyed today. When Brian Williams comes on the show, he gets to be suave and funny. He doesn't get teased the whole time about how decrepit his viewers are -- even though they're actually, on average, only a few months younger than Couric's.

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