Another 'dream job' competition, this time in New Zealand


A good idea travels. You can also travel on a good idea. Yet another dream tourist destination has launched a search for someone who wouldn't mind taking a few months off to see it for free.

This time, it's New Zealand. A travel company in Wellington, the little country's scenic and surprisingly hip capital, will fly the winner Down Under to tour the country for three months -- transportation, food, tickets, camera, and accommodation gratis -- to act as a sort of ambassador for the Kiwi brand.

There's no salary for this one, but there is a daily stipend, and since all the essentials will be taken care of, the winner won't go out-of-pocket. Not that it's a very taxing country to begin with: green, leafy, clean, with lots of sheep and unlocked doors.

If there's a place a person wouldn't mind rolling around for three months, New Zealand would be near the top of my list. Oh, yes, there will be bungee jumping.